Fakarava, Tuamotu Atoll

Fakarava is the second largest atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia. It is a UNESCO world biosphere site which is known to have some of the best diving in the Pacific. It has 2 passes entering the atoll, where the diving is drift diving. There are only around 700 people in this second largest atoll in the Tuamotus.

We stayed at the White Sand Beach resort, which is the resort with the most stars. There are no over water bungalows so we stayed in an air-conditioned beach bungalow. The resort is run by an Austrian, Hans, who likes to greet each visitor.  We rented bikes from the hotel for around $3 (USD) and had a lovely ride down the atoll. The first meal was an outdoor BBQ which was quite nice.

We went for 2 days (Saturday and flew out Sunday) primarily to dive but were told by Top Dive we could not dive the passes without an introductory dive to evaluate our diving skills. Unfortunately, the only dive Top Dive offers to do this is in the afternoon and as we were flying on Sunday, we would not have been able to dive the pass. Instead we went with Dive Spirit, a small new outfit, which was nice and had an introductory dive in the morning. We hope to go back and do more diving there. The dives had beautiful coral and of course amazing fish.


scuba at la source

Colorful fish, lots of sharks, large trigger fish with large teeth, large sea turtle who swam up to us and played with us, huge moray eel… cliffs of coral, natural underwater fresh water spring which you can see as well as feel… lots of colorful anemones surrounding the spring

Diving off Tahiti

I went with Bruce for his last dive to become scuba PADI certified. He had a large sea turtle come up to his mask and look him in the eye! The turtle swam very close to me as well and said hi to our diving guide. Nothing like swimming with wild life in the wild!

We also saw a huge Moray eel, sleeping sharks and lots of colorful fish I don’t know the names of. The dive is where a fresh water spring comes out in the ocean. The fresh water is visible and cold to touch. There are beautiful anemones growing there. The wall of coral is pretty amazing also. One of my favorite things about diving is that is seems almost like flying….


Hello world!


Dive today at Arue wall of coral. Saw large puffer fish, sharks, eel, barracuda, and many more interesting colorful fish that I don’t know the names for. Depth was 23 m, wall depth very very deep- couldn’t see bottom.