Week 2

So my biopsies came back well differentiated invasive ductal CA. No surprise with they ca type, it is the most common. Well differentiated was good. So now I know for sure it is CA. I told Jim and Elise. Jim gave me an introduction to an oncologist that it turns out is too busy to see me. I also let Ben and Alex know. It didn’t seem to affect Alex much, but it turns out Ben went home from work early. I don’t think I explained it well enough to him.

I met with the surgeon today and decided to have a unilateral mastectomy with a skin expander from the plastic surgeon. They don’t make me feel less guilty that I have have this cancer. Our visitors had to make their way to our house from the airport on their own (well, we arranged the super shuttle). We have kept busy, but the haunting hideous pictures of women post mastectomy are really bothering me. I feel I will be so deformed. Maybe I should just give it all up. I don’t know.

On a positive side, my E2 receptor is 100%, which is good, but it means I will need to be on an aromatase inhibitor for 10 years at least. I was always so proud I wasn’t on any meds…. and was healthy….

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