Tikehau, Tuamotu Manta Rays abound!

We traveled to Tikehau Pearl Beach resort in the atoll of the Tuamotus. The sand is a beautiful pink and the part of the atoll where the resort is located is only accessible by boat. We stayed in a premium over water bungalow as the non premium ones did not have access to the water.

We went on 2 dives- the first one to the “cleaning station” for manta rays. It is at an old pearl farm and we did not dive down far (which was good for us as we could use our underwater camera which has no housing.) There were 30 + huge manta rays just gracefully gliding around while small fish and some remoras. On a dive in Tahiti a NYC woman scoffed at scuba divers going to the “cleaning station”. The diving was easy, but the manta rays go this spot on their own and not because humans coaxed them there with food. It was fascinating and beautiful and not to be missed. We also saw mantas on the reef here and in Bora Bora,. They are beautiful graceful creatures.

The dive we did was beautiful and lush like our other dives in the Tuamotus.

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