Tikehau- dolphins, manta Rays and pink sand beaches

Tikehau is an atoll in the Tuamotus 12 km from Rangiroa and is known for its pink sand beaches and excellent diving. We dove the pass where we swam with playing dolphins and again saw myriads of fish, including a humpback wrasse (huge), lion fish and schools of barracuda. It was wonderful to hear the dolphin song.

We also dove with manta rays- about 10- 15 of them. They are huge and beautifully fly while remoras suck onto them and clean them.

The Pearl Beach Resort was pretty, isolated and had nice snorkeling off our overwater bungalow. If reserving take care to reserve the premium over water bungalow as the standard ones do not have swim access. The pink sand was lovely. Sharks swam by, there were a lot of baby and adult flute fish and large trigger fish, Titan and Yellow margin,  that were unearthing coral to feel underneath it. We also saw a meter long porcupine fish, which have lovely large eyes.

Evidently the hammerhead sharks are seasonal and are there between Jan and March.

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