scuba at la source

Colorful fish, lots of sharks, large trigger fish with large teeth, large sea turtle who swam up to us and played with us, huge moray eel… cliffs of coral, natural underwater fresh water spring which you can see as well as feel… lots of colorful anemones surrounding the spring

Diving off Tahiti

I went with Bruce for his last dive to become scuba PADI certified. He had a large sea turtle come up to his mask and look him in the eye! The turtle swam very close to me as well and said hi to our diving guide. Nothing like swimming with wild life in the wild!

We also saw a huge Moray eel, sleeping sharks and lots of colorful fish I don’t know the names of. The dive is where a fresh water spring comes out in the ocean. The fresh water is visible and cold to touch. There are beautiful anemones growing there. The wall of coral is pretty amazing also. One of my favorite things about diving is that is seems almost like flying….




Opunohu Bay (Bay of Belly of the Stone fish)

Moorea is one of the most photographed tropical islands in the world.

We traveled to Moorea on the Aremiti 5, the fast ferry form Papeete which can get booked up early for cars so you need to go to the left kiosk and buy your car and passenger tickets a week ahead if you can. Passengers do not need to book ahead, but can go to the left kiosk and purchase tickets on the same day. We checked online to see which ferry crossings were booked full for cars and showed up for an early ferry (which the internet said had 1-5 car places left) and got a spot. Like most of French Polynesia, the you can not book on the web.

There are rental car agencies, like Avis, as you exit the ferry so this would be an option if you do not have a car.

Cost for people is about 1000 FPF for locals, double for round trip (no discount). For tourists it is around 1400 FPF. The car was around 8000 round trip.  The fast ferry was booked for cars so we took the slow ferry back- about 50  min, where the fast ferry took us around 45 minutes.

Of note, if you haven’t bought your tickets before getting into the car line in Moorea, as we did not, when the fast ferry was full we had to back out of line and join the slow ferry line.