How to get post in Tahiti

We tried to get a boîte postal in our village, but the post office was totally our of post boxes. We mast wait for someone to die, as they have them for life! The clerk whispered (I am not kidding) that they were out (I guess that is what she said as I couldn’t understand her at all) and shoed me away!  Most post in Tahiti is delivered to post boxes and all the towns between Arue and Papette also had no post boxes. In Papette itself, we could only get a large expensive one. Forget that! So on Monday when the local yoga teacher didn’t show, three of us were waiting for her and one woman works in the next town north’s post office. She said they have boxes, so I went, and with Bruce’s passport, was able to rent one for 2069 FPF. Success! Thanks to Torrak (?) and Delphine, my two newest friends!

So the answer is try all of the neighboring post offices, go with ID and your form printed and filled out from the internet. Translate what you need to say to French. The place to ask for the box is not at the front desk that you need to take a number and queue up for, but at the desk with the vini stuff.
Of note- not a cloud that I can see in the sky but it is down pouring! Strange!


Hello world!


Dive today at Arue wall of coral. Saw large puffer fish, sharks, eel, barracuda, and many more interesting colorful fish that I don’t know the names for. Depth was 23 m, wall depth very very deep- couldn’t see bottom.